Painting a wrought metal railing rejuvenates the color and protects the metal.  The process for painting a wrought metal railing is as follows:

Color/Sheen & Product Selection

  • The traditional wrought metal railing color is black, but other colors are available.
  • Wrought iron is typically painted in either semi-gloss or gloss sheen.
  • NBM Painting prefers acrylic enamels for use on wrought iron, as Alkyd (oil-based) enamels do not hold up as long under exposure to the sun.  Newer generations of “combination” oil-based enamels have come on the market and are promising significant improvements over Acrylic or “old style” Alkyds.  For customers who prefer a gloss sheen, we have begun using Urethane Alkyds.
  • The paints used are “direct to metal” products that do not require primer unless needed for rust mitigation ).

Surface Preparation

  • Powerwashing is usually not needed unless there is a heavy accumulation of mud or other debris adhering to the fence.
  • Surfaces to be painted are wire-brushed to remove loose material, then lightly sanded to remove surface oxidation and to “create a profile” for improved adhesion of the topcoat.

Rust Mitigation

  • Minor rust is spot-primed using a rust-inhibiting primer.
  • More severe rust may require pre-treatment with the phosphoric acid based “rust converters” and/or a full coat of rust inhibiting primer.

Product Application

  • Paint is applied to wrought iron fences via brush, mini-roller, or “paint glove” techniques.

Color Consulting

As a full-service painting company, NBM Construction is pleased to offer professional color consultations. Our experienced consultants and designers can help you craft the perfect color palette, whether it is a single room, your whole house, or your offices. This valuable service ensures that your new painting project achieves the look and feel that reflect your style and taste.

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